Plaster City

Cell service at Clark Dry Lake can be a little unreliable, so when Brian discovered boondocking with blazing fast Verizon and AT&T an hour to the south, we couldn’t resist.

This week we’re camping with Seth, Drea and Van Tramp’s van (he will join us today) in Plaster City.

In the photo above, you can kind of see the gypsum plant for which this place was named.

2015 Cost of Camping:
1 night paid camping
19 nights free camping
20 days this year
Total spent: $5
Daily average cost: $0.25


  • Brian and Carolyn

    When I first saw the title for this posting I read Plastered City! You can see where my mind goes …

    I have a question. I looked on Campendium at the photos for this area and saw all the sand, and some looked loose. As experienced boondockers, how can you tell what area is safe to travel on? How do you guys determine where to set up? Thanks as always!

    Brian and Carolyn

    • Leigh

      Hey you guys! Brian had scouted this spot out before we came, so we knew that that we’d be able to camp here.

      Generally, when it comes to boondocking, it’s always a good idea to unhitch and scout your spot when you arrive so you don’t get in a situation that’s hard to get out of!

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