Lummi Island RV Camping

As some of you may know there is no RV campground on Lummi Island, so we’re courtesy parking at our friend Sam’s house. He was kind enough to try and bulldoze an area for us to park in, however, it was too steep for us to get level. We spent almost 3 hours trying to get a spot to work and ended up in front of his garage, though we still aren’t totally level front to back. On top of that, our mifi’s are pretty slow here, so we’re likely going to have to move.

Pictured above Brian is trying to put out a yard waste fire that’s been going for more than 24 hours so we can hopefully open our windows.

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  • Reply terrie July 2, 2012 at 5:37 pm

    always something to work out moving from place to place….great Sam has a spot for you guys….good for The Curtis….hope you get to open your windows and get your signals boosted….or another space on Lummi….

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