After two months of socializing, we spent all of March hiding out. We both got colds in February, which led to poor Brian getting shingles in March. Meanwhile, I had developed a racing heart overnight every night, so we spent most of the month in Vegas so we could go to doctors.

I had two doctors prescribe me anti-anxiety meds which I wasn’t happy about because I felt there was a bigger issue at hand. After a lot of online searches and some prunes in a port wine syrup, I finally figured out that it’s blood sugar related. My sugar intake usually consists of fruit, gluten free bread and white rice and now that I’ve cut the “white stuff” and am pairing small portions of fruit with protein and good fat, my symptoms are completely gone.

Brian’s shingles were the “2nd worst case” his dermatologist ever saw. I have a photo, but you probably don’t want to see it and I’m sure he doesn’t want me to share.

Camping in the Vegas area for us usually means staying at Government Wash in Lake Mead National Recreation Area which can be a mixed bag depending on your site, but we seem to luck out most of the time.

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  • Reply Pamela Wright June 17, 2018 at 4:41 pm

    Sorry it was such a rough March. Poor Brian! I understand shingles can be very painful. So very glad you figured out what was causing your heart to race. Wishing you both better days ahead:)

    • Reply Leigh June 20, 2018 at 8:24 am

      Thanks Pam!!

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