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Exotic Fruits

We’ve been making a point to try produce that we don’t usually see in the grocery store on the mainland. Last week, we picked up some magosteen and longans at the Hilo farmers market.

soapberry fruits

Mangosteen have a hard purple shell that protects the edible white fleshy fruit. Inside the edible part is its seed. The taste and texture is little like a plum.

Longans can be opened up with your fingernail or a knife. Like the mangosteen, the fleshy part is what you eat and the seed and skin get discarded. The ones we had tasted similar to a grape.

These two fruits along with the rambuten fruit we tried on Oahu, are all part of the soapberry family (Sapindaceae) and are native to Southern Asia and appear to be really common in Hawaii and are super tasty.

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