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After Hana, we spent 3 days in Upcountry (in the middle of Maui). Since it rained quite a bit and I don’t have many great photos to share, I’m going to jump ahead to this past weekend when we hung out with our dear friends from Washington.

This past spring, Audi (pictured on the right) texted asking when we would be in Bellingham. We weren’t planning on it, so she asked for our general itinerary in case we might cross paths. Turns out, we both were scheduled to be in Maui at the same time, staying about 15 minutes away from each other!

Also pictured above is a girl after my own heart, Maddie (who we’ve known since the day she was born).

We spent our first day together hanging out by the pool at their resort. Pictured is Alison and Mason, who we have also known since he was an infant 10 years ago!

In addition to Audie, Mike, Maddie, Grant, Alison, Cash, Mason and Ryan, we had a great time catching up with Mark and Marlene.

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